History of Babylon 5

History of Babylon 5Major Events in the Babylon 5 Universe:

To help understand the history of Babylon 5, we published overview's of most of the major events in the Babylon 5 universe.

The Great War:

This war took place in 1250 (approximately) between the remaining 'First Ones' and Minbari against the 'Shadows' (who were also called "the ancients"). The alliance succeeded in beating back the Shadows, who then went into retreat, leaving many of their ships hidden on worlds throughout the galaxy. The remaining 'First Ones' (except the Vorlons and a few others) leave the known universe, beyond the rim.

Earth's First Contact:

The first alien race that made contact with Earth was the Centauri Republic in 2150 (approximately). In return for trade agreements, the Centauri Republic gave the Earth Alliance access to their technologies, including "jump gate" technology. This advanced Earth's technology over a hundred years and allowed them to explore and expand out of the solar system to become a major power in the galaxy.

The Earth - Minbari War:

The Earth Alliance was expanding in all directions everywhere, trying to expand its 'sphere of influence' in the galaxy. There was one major race left which they had yet not had any contact with, the Minbari. In 2242 an EarthForce cruiser was sent out to find the Minbari and bring back any information that they can, though when they made contact with a Minbari cruiser, it had its gun ports open as there gesture of openness, respect and greeting. The Earth ships misinterpreted this and opened fire, killing the Minbari leader, Dukhat.