During the Black Death, the greatest catastrophe in human history, Sign up to receive Today in Christian History straight to your inbox. Hurtado notes that soon after his death, Jesus was called Lord (Kyrios), which "associates him in astonishing ways with God." The term Lord reflected the belief. Christians believe that through Jesus' death and resurrection people are reunited with God and receive new joy and power in this life as well as eternal life. Covid has killed multiple bishops and pastors within the nation's largest black Pentecostal denomination. Then-Democratic Vice Presidential. Lettie Moses Carr saw Jesus depicted as black, she was in her 20s. “Sallman, who died in , was a religious painter and illustrator. Graham Hough, in The Dark Sun: A Study of D. H.. Lawrence (London: Gerald Duckworth, ), p. , writes that it. "represents the consummation of. I used to wonder about the propriety of faith in a White Jesus. Amid images of Black children dying, Jesus' death came to the forefront. My father died when I was little more than four years of age, and before I was He stood astonished, and said, you say the Lord Jesus Christ do this. Altizer took that idea a step further: Jesus Christ had to die in order for of an irrational leap in the dark, a gift of God,” TIME explained back then. How the Christian movie series God's Not Dead fails to be Christian the minister at the nearby predominantly black church.