Whose Side You On? Lyrics: I'm a vagabond / I'm a super bore / I'm an open wound / I'm a crack whore / I'm a shithead / I'm a carpet stain / I'm a maggot's. Discover Dig (LA)'s top songs & albums, curated artist radio stations & more. Listen to Dig (LA) on Pandora today! Dig. Album. 12 songs. 41 min 12 sec. 1. Whose Side You OnDig. 2. DetuneDig. 3. Song For LiarsDig. 4. Little PillDig. 5. Stop Holding You BreathDig. Whose Side You On. 1. PREVIEW. Detune. 2. PREVIEW. Song For Liars. 3. PREVIEW. Little Pill. 4. PREVIEW. Stop Holding You Breath. But the playful, catchy riff in 'Bash in your head', the moody, heavy sound of 'Opus', the pop feel of 'Whose Side You On', and the ambitious 'Little Pill'. D.I.G. - Life Like | Was it something that I said That made you go away then Is it What you said wasn't right D.I.G. - Whose Side You On? | Lyrics. Which precautions should you observe when collecting soil samples? Dig a pit with very straight sides x m and 2 m deep or, if less, until you. This is a much more convenient way to determine what's on the opposite side of the world than digging through the earth. If you were to dig. This interesting web page asks the question, “If you dig straight down, if you were to start digging on the other side of the earth. This fun interactive map, complete with a cartoon man who 'digs' a tunnel through the center of the earth, shows you what lies directly.