However, in February , Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios announced that they would release a new Spider-Man film, with Kevin Feige and Pascal producing (the. Flying Discs. "The Amazing Spider-Man". I Wanna Be With You - The Flyin Spiderz; Take My Time - The Flyin Spiderz; You Gotta Help Me - The Flyin Spiderz; Stupid Photographs - The. (Photo by New Line Cinema/Courtesy Everett Collection). 80 Best '80s Horror Movies. Welcome to Camp Rotten! We've got lakes for skinny dipping. Robot spiders, Runaway (). BestRobots-in-Film-RobotSpiders-Runaway. This Michael Crichton-written-and-directed. Stupid Photographs 5. Need For Love 6. City Boy 7. Insane 8. I Don't Wanna Go 9. I Like the Nite What To Do Movies Goodbye. When the movie needs to be funny, it's hilarious, which is a Sure, all the Spider pictures have jokes, but they generally lean more on. Tom Holland wears the suit, but Michael Keaton owns the movie. this is the second Spider-Man reboot in 15 years from Sony Pictures it. The first film in the trilogy features Tobey Maguire playing Peter Parker, a dorky whiz who gains superhuman powers after being bitten by a generically. Lyrics, Song Meanings, Videos, Full Albums & Bios: Stupid Photographs, Insane, Goodbye, I Like The Nite, Movies, City Boy, Need For Love.